Coffee Export and
National Markets

CAFIVER is the most important privately owned coffee export company in Mexico. The quality of our products has allowed us to consolidate ourselves as a world reference and in particular as ambassadors of high quality Mexican coffee. We have a significant presence on four continents and especially in the North American and European markets , where we have offices in the United States and the Netherlands.

We offer to the different international markets a wide range of products at highly competitive prices, capable of satisfying the demands of the most rigorous and demanding customers 365 days a year.

We export the best coffee beans in their Arabica and Robusta varieties from producers around the world. In particular from different regions of Mexico, highlighting the coffee from Veracruz which is our root. We fully comply with the international certifications required in Europe, Asia and America.

Coffee Trading

We cover all your coffee needs in its Arabica and Robusta varieties, regardless of seasonality. We guarantee the export of coffee and attention to national markets with a continuous and consistent supply; and that makes us business partners for all our clients.


Arabica and Robusta.
Washed and natural.
All kinds of mixes according to your needs.


We selectively extract caffeine to leave its sensory attributes very similar to green bean.
Processes: Methylene Chloride and Ethyl Acetate.
Arabica and robust.
Washed and natural.
All kinds of mixes according to your needs.


Arabica and robust. 
Different types of toasting to choose the one you prefer:
European, American, Vallarta or Espresso
All kinds of mixes according to your needs.
Soluble coffee powder 
Regular and decaffeinated.
Process: spray drying.
Agglomerated Soluble Coffee
Transformation process that converts the powder particle to granular mode.
Regular and decaffeinated.

Café en el Mercado Nacional

En México tenemos presencia en todo el país a través de diferentes canales de distribución.

Sale of Coffee to Wholesalers

At CAFIVER we want to be at your fingertips. That is why we are present in the main self-service chains, so that housewives, couples, families, companies and all those who want quality coffee and delicious flavor, can buy all our brands and presentations.

Roasted and ground coffee beans, regular and decaffeinated.

Cafiver, gourmet coffee in its various varieties, in 380 g bags.
Vivendi, high altitude coffee, roasted and ground beans, regular and decaffeinated in 340 g bags.
Altezza, coffee in capsules, in a bag of 10 capsules, in 3 different varieties. Isabel (Espresso), Victoria (Lungo), Catalina (Decaffeinated).

Soluble coffee

CAFIVER Negro Coffee 100% pure, regular and decaffeinated.

In 45 g. Jars, 90 g. and 180 g.

Own brands

We also offer the development of own brands for supermarkets that want to market their brand, according to the requirements of each of them.

Sale of Coffee to Self-service

At CAFIVER we know that wholesalers are a very important distribution channel. More than 600,000 retailers nationwide, such as: shops, mini-shops, pharmacies, and others, are supplied with coffee with them, that is why we have a specialized sales force to serve them in the different regions of the country. In this way, we guarantee that our products are distributed from one end to another and reach every home in the Mexican Republic.

We offer our Wholesale clients, products of excellent quality, attractive margin and fast displacement, as well as personalized treatment and special marketing plans in their region.

Our products and presentations are:

Soluble Coffee

CAFIVER Black Coffee

100% pure, regular and decaffeinated coffee.

45 g, 90 g and 180 g jars.


 100% pure coffee and coffee mixed with sugar, regular and decaffeinated.

Presentations of 45 g, 90 g and 180 g. 

New coffee mixed with caramel, in a 10 g envelope and a 24-piece display box.

Own brands

We advise, develop and manufacture our own brands for wholesalers, in the varieties and presentations they require.

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