We are the largest private Mexican capital coffee industrializer and marketer in the country with a global presence.

Thirty-five years of experience and innovation support us.


Exceed the expectations of our customers through our products and services with quality, safety and opportunity.


To be a model company in the coffee industry , highly profitable and generating resources that benefits its shareholders, workers, clients, suppliers and creditors.


Teamwork, loyalty, honesty and integrity, continuous improvement, receptive attitude, initiative, sense of opportunity, respect for the environment, spirit of service, and rationality.

Our History

1985. We started as a company dedicated to the export of green coffee, and later to decaffeination or caffeine extraction, in partnership with the German company Boehringer Ingelheim.

1998. We entered the hotel, restaurant and cafeteria market, with our Coffee Service Professional division.

2000. We became a company with 100% Mexican capital.

2001-2003. We increased the capacity of our plant to make roasted coffee in the Coffee Service Professional area.

2005. We launched spherical type soluble coffee on the market. We inaugurate the soluble plant 1.

2009. The biomass boiler came into operation.

2011. We diversify our soluble coffee into agglomerate type.

2012. We carry out our packaging line. And with Vivendi we won the “taste coffee expo” award.

2015. We inaugurated the second soluble tower to increase our production capacity.

2016. We launched our self-service roasted and ground brands.

2017. Our soluble coffee brand is launched on the market and we created the first CAFIVER cafeteria, which is located next to our plant, as a show room.

2019. We increase the storage capacity of our warehouses.


Our industrial facilities and central offices are located in the region of the high mountains of the state of Veracruz, a strategic location that allows us to have a guaranteed supply of coffee from the main producing states of the country; as well as competitive international logistics through the Port of Veracruz.

CAFIVER, a socially and ecologically responsible company

At CAFIVER we have always acted as a socially and ecologically responsible company; we take care of the environment and pay special attention to our waste. That is why we became the first coffee industrializer to reuse the bagasse from its processes to transform them into energy.

Additionally, we take advantage of solar energy, we use biodegradable materials and we have a wastewater treatment plant, eliminating the negative impact on the ecosystem. All of this has earned us the Socially Responsible Company (ESR) badge; as well as the EcoVadis certification, which assesses the corporate social responsibility and sustainability of each organization.

Likewise, we actively participate in supporting various social causes and communities.

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